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Are you dreaming of owning a pair of Edea Ice Flys? In this article, we will discuss why we do not recommend new skaters to get top-level boots.

You may often hear the attractive selling points of elite boots, such as top technology, the lightest weight, and new generation materials. However, the ultimate goal of your skates is ankle support. How to achieve optimal ankle support without restricting ankle movement is an eternal topic for skaters and skate manufacturers.

When a skater lands a triple or quad jump, their landing knee and ankle bear up to seven times their body weight. Hence, these skaters require way more ankle support than junior skaters who are smaller in size and doing more simple jumps. Therefore, it’s not surprising to say that you do not need Ice Flys to make you a better skater.

You only need a pair of boots that will give you the protection for your ankles so they don’t sprain or fracture during jump landings. We would always suggest purchasing skates based on your level of skating as well as your body weight. Skaters with a larger mass, more muscles will require more support, as will those who are doing higher level jumps. There’s no one rule that defines who should wear what; however, as a general guideline, one should not go from basic boots to top boots. Going up the boot rank will often help you find your best support and flexibility mix, which is crucial for better skating.

In conclusion, finding the best balance is a lifelong lesson for skaters, coaches, and parents alike. Simply going for the most expensive boots, going by marketing terms, is a dangerous move and will not necessarily end well for the skater.

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