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Let’s dive into some in-depth roller tech discussion: Start with Suspensions.

Over time, we have observed skaters frequently swapping out suspensions solely based on their body weight by referring to the Roll-Line body weight chart. However, we want to emphasize that body weight is only one of the factors that determine which suspensions should be used, and it is not the primary factor.

Default Cushions: Roll-Line, a widely used manufacturer of artistic roller skate plates, typically includes default cushions with their plates. These cushions are specifically chosen and designed to work harmoniously with the plate size, offering a balanced and suitable ride for most skaters. It is highly recommended to initially use the default cushions provided by Roll-Line before making any changes.

Style of Skating: The style of skating a person engages in significantly influences cushion selection. Different artistic skating styles, such as dance, figures, freestyle, or precision, impose various demands on the cushions. It is important to consider the specific movements, turns, and maneuvers associated with your style of skating when choosing cushions.

Weight: While Roll-line uses body weight as a rough guideline for selecting cushion hardness, the relationship between body weight and cushion hardness is not linear or universally applicable. Other factors, such as skating technique, muscle strength, and personal preferences, also play a significant role. Skaters of the same weight may have different requirements based on their skating style, skill level, and personal comfort.

Other Factors: Each skater is unique, and individual factors can influence cushion selection. Considerations such as ankle strength, flexibility, and overall skating technique can impact the choice of cushion hardness.

In summary, when selecting roller skate cushions for artistic plates, it is recommended to begin with the default cushions provided by Roll-Line for the specific plate size. Experimentation and fine-tuning may be necessary to find the perfect balance and optimize your skating experience. It is always advisable to consult with a coach or professional to assist with adjusting your suspensions, such as tightening or loosening the action nuts. Avoid assuming that the suspensions are incorrect simply because your body weight falls outside the specified range.

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