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    Truth or Fail: I was told my ankles roll in too much (plus tips)

    Recently we’ve had a few inquiries regarding difficulty with “outside edges” from new Skaters. Many new Skaters have concluded that their difficulty with the outside edge is due to a problem with the blade alignment or a “problem” with their feet/ankles.

    For anyone who started skating as adults, they would understand more than anyone else on how “daunting” outside edges are at first. It is everything that’s against human nature by exposing majority of your body to one side; just like riding a bicycle. If you observe new skaters, all of them are on their inside edges, regardless of them having problematic ankles or not. So we suggest new skaters not to be affected by such comments. It is natural human behavior to stay on the inside edge initially since it is the safe zone.

    Here are some good tips from Golden skate website re practicing outside edge:

    Mostly it’s that you need to get used to that feeling of leaning to the outside. For most people it’s more natural at first to lean on the insides at the beginning when skating, even when just doing laps.

    The main thing here is to practice. You can use the circles painted in the ice and try to follow them with your outside edges. You can go from your two foot glide on a circle, then you go to your one foot glide while keeping the curve, for example. It is possible to follow a curve on a slightly flat edge, but it should help you get rid of that fear.

    Once you have that, actually pushing to the outside edge should feel easier. Try to link them (forward outside right edge-forward outside left edge). For me I usually had troubles with the first and the second, and then the third-fourth ones would be more or less alright.

    Practice is the main point. As I said, it feels safer at first somehow to rely on your inside edges.

    Remember, the default alignment on your skates works for majority of the people. Even if you need adjustment, it is to be determined once you are quite seasoned in the sport. If it’s your 3rd time on ice and someone’s telling you to change your blade alignment or get extra tools, take it as a grain of salt – they probably have been skating for too long to remember what it feels like at start.

    Full thread discussion can be found here: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?69657-Any-tips-to-get-your-outside-edge

    You have everything you need to skate well, don’t let any “suggestions” get into your mind.

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