Edea Figure and Roller Skating Boots

Edea boots have always been ahead of the game as soon as the brand is established. Being a new and innovative company, Edea has lead the trend of light weight boots and innovative boot design. The unique anti-shock system, compact sole design, faster break in features has made EDEA the best skating partner of many elite skaters. 

Edea Performance E-Sole
Edea Performance E-Sole
International Price US$25.94 How does this work?
Edea Classica Boots
Edea Classica Boots
International Price US$272.71 How does this work?
Edea Fly Boots
Edea Fly Boots
International Price US$438.99 How does this work?
Edea Rondo Boots
Edea Rondo Boots
International Price US$192.89 How does this work?
Edea Flamenco Boots
Edea Flamenco Boots
International Price US$385.78 How does this work?
Edea Ritmo Boots
Edea Ritmo Boots
International Price US$262.73 How does this work?
Edea Skating Socks
Edea Skating Socks
International Price US$9.98 How does this work?

Edea Boot Features

It minimizes the impact shocks, that cause muscular-skeletal degeneration and injuries through overtraining.
It increases the amount of force absorbed by the boot on landing thus reducing the strain on the knees and ankles.

It absorbs ice chatter, which makes skating feel smoother and gives more stability.
It gives you a firmer base to jump from allowing you to jump higher and further.

It reduces the wobble on landing allowing the skater to execute quicker jumps and transitions thus improving ice speed and stability.

Edea boots are designed to be lighter. The modern materials and hi-tech design combine to make Edea boots lighter. Lighter is faster, Lighter is higher jumps, Lighter is longer jumps, Lighter is more air-time, lighter is better acceleration lighter means better skating, lighter means Edea.

Edea skates are made with a fiberglass and nylon insole. These modern materials allow more of the force generated by the skater to be transmitted to the blade increasing power, increasing the feel and increasing the control. They also allow for the thickness of the sole to be reduced thus lowering the centre of gravity and giving the skater even more control and stability.

Edea boots are designed for maximum comfort and the profile allows a full range of motion, making skating smoother and more stylish. The anatomical shell structure gives natural support, the heel pocket holds the foot in place and the inner padding adds comfort without pressure points so you can train harder and skate for longer.

Edea set out to design this perfect fit and by using modern technology came up with ‘Instant Custom Skates’.
This means that each Edea Skate can be custom shaped to give every skater the perfect fit without the expense and time associated with getting a custom-made boot.

The new technologies used by Edea mean the break-in period required for our skates is much shorter than for old fashioned boots.
Instead of blisters and plasters Edea allows skaters to do what they love doing – skating – with one training session normally enough to get the skates to peak performance.
The memory effect of the padding ensures the boot hugs the foot outline and trains the tongue to sit in the most comfortable position almost immediately.
Because Edea use modern materials the boots have an elasticity and flexibility that old skates couldn’t offer and give the skater a better range of movement.

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