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G.H Off Ice Inline Skates (With/Without Boots)

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G.H Inline Plates
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What frame size should I choose? Use our online evaluation tool

  • 3 June 2020: All frame sizes in stock, shipping worldwide via Fedex (7-14 days). We charge a flat shipping fee of NZ$35(US$21) to all international destinations per frame. 
  • Mounting onto existing boots: Use our online size evaluation tool

G.H Inline Skates replicates the ice blade profile to achieve the "on ice" feeling. Feel the freedom to perform edges and jumps! Suitable for performing up to triple jumps.

Kit comes including wheels and mounting bolts. 


  • Brake/Toe Stop: Rubber, Imperial threaded. Can be replaced with any brake/toe stop of same size (most common size).
  • Wheels: Rebound/full radius polyurethane wheels. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating. Can be replaced with most inline wheels.
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy.
  • Bearings: 608 bearings(ABEC 9).
  • "Rockered" design for more agility and more blade like skating experience.

This G.H complete frameset includes:

  • 2 G.H gold tone frames
  • 2 American threaded adjustable toe stops
  • Wheel bolts
  • 6  indoor/outdoor wheels with bearings and hardware
  • Mounting hardware for your boot brand

Don't have boots to mount it to? Experience the Most Affordable and versatile G.H Custom Boots!

All G.H boots combines traditional streamlined manufacturing process with a special tweak - all boots are custom moulded before they even leave the factory. No "Fitting" required to achieve some of the easiest "break in" process most of us dreadful of. 

All is required is your foot tracing and a few photos of your feet. We will send you detailed instructions regarding how to measure your feet, we've been working with G.H Skates for a long time and know how to help you getting the numbers right!

Avaialble in Ivory, Dark Pink(Classica and above), Ocean Blue(Classica and above) and Black.

Choose a G.H boot that's suitable for your level and build. Once we receive your order, our sizing specialist will be in touch to work out your correct size.


How similar is G.H Inline Frames compared to blades?

Jump and glide feels like 90% (if not 100%) like on ice. There's more friction on the ground so turns and spins will take more effort, great way to improve skating strength and perfect off ice jump training tool.

How different is G.H Inline Frames to Snow White Frames?

A few people have tried both and their comment is no obvious difference spotted other than the 2 brands having different sizing system.

Can I mount G.H frames onto existing boots?

Yes, the set will contains 2 sets of bolts and tools required for mounting G.H frames to all boots.You will need a power drill kit to mount it (Just like mounting blades).

How can I replace toestops / wheels?

G.H Inline Frames are compatible with imperial threaded (US threaded) toe stops and most inline wheels. You can purchase replacement toe stops and wheels from local inline retailers.

Will I pay tax/custom fees?

None of our overseas customers have been asked to pay custom fees/taxes so far (US, Canada etc). 

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Ice Dancer Stephen's First Attempt on G.H Inline Skates!

Check out Figure Skater Mina Joel's very first attempt on G.H Inline Skates!

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