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Roll-Line Abec 9 7mm Bearings (16 bearings)

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- 7mm roller skate bearings
- Ultra Precision 11 Ball
- Offering the most INCREDIBLE ROLL!

Roll-Line Micro Bearings are specifically designed for Roller Skating with wide deep races and use a Super Roll Steel Ball Crown Cage.

The SPEED MAX Series II – Micro Bearings are specifically made for ALL Types of very high level skating, including Figures, Dance, Free Skating, and Precision skating.

The Roll-Line SPEED MAX Series II – Micro Bearings are wonderfully free rolling with the absolute minimal radial play which promotes and very evenly distributes the load across the 11 balls for optimal roll and a very good amount of axial play or Thrust, which is the side movement of the inner race in relation to the outer race. This movement is very important because when skaters push, we always put side load on the skate to get power in the push or stroke. If the bearing does not allow for this, it will bind and LOOSE operating speed or ROLL.

These provisions in the race curvature and contact angle allow the Roll-Line Series II Micro Bearings , to ROLL, and roll, and roll, and roll, and roll, and keep on rolling.

The Roll-Line 7mm SPEED MAX Series II – Micro Bearing system fits 7mm axles and will withstand the punishment of the most demanding of skaters.

Roll-Line 7mm SPEED MAX Series II – Micro Bearings are the BEST ROLLING bearings available and they are designed specifically for you to enjoy while roller skating on Roll-Line Skates. They may be compatible with some alternative frames also using 7mm frames, but there are known issues.

They should be used with a spacer between the two bearings in each wheel to obtain the maximum performance.

The The Roll-Line SPEED MAX Series II – Micro Bearings will compare to and out-perform the much more expensive Ceramic Bearings.

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The best competition bearings.

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