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Eclipse Aurora Stainless Steel Figure Blades (Coronation Ace Profile)


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Eclipse Aurora Stainless Steel Figure Blades Brand:


The Eclipse Aurora Figure Skating blade is designed for the competitive skater with rising aspirations. Its 7-foot radius makes spins easier and graceful movements nearly effortless. Cross cut rakes provide for improved stability, and precision edges make this the perfect blade for the versatile freestyle skater. And the German 440C stainless steel keeps your edges sharp and your blade looking fantastic at all times.

Compare to conventional Coronation Ace Blades:

– Made of much stronger Stainless steel hence edges will be more consistent and last longer.
– Blades will last much longer – if you like Coronation Ace profile, the Aurora blades is a version of the Ace you can keep almost forever.
– Classic blade shape without a holder meaning it can be sharpened by most machines.


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