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Edea Chorus (75)

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CHI0 Brand:


Edea Support Index: 75, suitable for Double jumps.

Edea Chorus boots are designed to make skaters better, with a combination of trickle-down technology and flexibility for the next step in their skating career. These boots provide more control and height, utilizing technology from Piano and Ice Fly with support for developing skaters. The thinner sole helps to lower the center of gravity and increase stability, while the shell is designed to provide support and improved control. Skaters can develop their technique and skate the edges with ease.

Edea Chorus Boots offer the comfort needed to perform, with memory foam that holds the foot without pressure, a soft collar that increases movement range, and an ergonomic shape that works with the skater. Like all top Edea skates, these boots can be custom fitted in-store for maximum performance and comfort.

Materials and design are combined in Edea Chorus Boots to hit the right notes more quickly, giving skaters the feeling of being at home on the ice. These boots are ready to help skaters excel, ensuring they don’t miss even a training session.

Edea Chorus Boots are entirely handmade in their factory near Venice, Italy, with each craftsman adding their skills to every boot to create a unique masterpiece. With the passion of over 70 people inside, these boots are the final piece that completes the skater’s journey.

3 reviews for Edea Chorus (75)

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    These are my usual shoes, but I think they are a little wider and just right.
    Thank you for your quick response.🙏

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