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Figure Skates: Blade Sharpening

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  • We are Figure Skaters ourselves and have tested our own blade sharpening for maximum performance. We understand the frustration of common sharpening issues such as:
    – unleveled edges
    – inconsistent hollow
    – Flattened spin rocker
    – Shaved off blade tails

Only Olympic level sharpening machines are used!

We ensure the blades are sharpened according to specification, correct ROH with quality machinery and equipment specifically designed for Figure Skating Blades. We won’t boast to be the best but we are pretty good at it 🙂

How sharp should my blades be?

This question generally refers to the depth of hollow or radius of hollow (ROH) of the blade. As a general rule, most serious skaters should use a ROH in the 5/8\” to 7/16\” range. (Really advanced skaters may go as shallow as ¾ of an inch.) Through many years of observation and experimentation, these radius have proven to be most effective.

The theory is that the degree of hollow put on a blade is inversely proportional to the skater’s fundamental skating qualities. In other words, a skater whose form was always perfect, who never made any mistakes, would have his skates sharpened with no hollow; a flat grind.

A blade that is sharpened with little or no hollow has much more flow, giving the skater an apparently effortless performance. The downside of a flat grind is that even a slight error in position upon landing a jump will result in a crash. Conversely, a blade with a very deep hollow will allow for jumps to be landed with much poorer positions, but the cost is greatly reduced flow or speed. Skaters will be much more exhausted at the end of their programs. Those who use very deep hollows are ones often criticized for their poor style receiving relatively low style marks: they often look awkward and forced in their performances. There are exceptions and I work with a notable one right now.

I suggest a strong discipline of training with shallower grinds to encourage the development of good, fundamental skating skills producing in the end a skater that gets good first and second marks. Consider having your blades sharpened with less and less hollow until you can no longer work with them: then just go back to a slightly deeper grind. This process should result in the best sharpening style for you.

4 reviews for Figure Skates: Blade Sharpening

  1. Katie Mort (verified owner)

    Great service, Liam is really happy to have sharpe skates again 🙂

  2. haruto1998

    Probably the best sharpening I’ve ever had. Normally I need to break in newly sharpened blades but with the sharpening I had from Skaters Edge, the blades feel like butter since day one. Not sure what the magic is but am truly impressed with the quality of sharpening. Won’t go anywhere else.

  3. Andrea Coulston (verified owner)

    Damn you guys are good! Love your work – always slick and efficient.

  4. Eng (verified owner)

    The blade sharpening has been executed with precision, resulting in a parallel, straight, and smooth edge without any nicks.

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