Due to supply issues some boots/blades/plates are out of stock and will take 3-6 months for re-stocking, if you need them urgently, please contact us to check stock before placing an order.




All G.H boots combines traditional streamlined manufacturing process with a special tweak – all boots are custom moulded before they even leave the factory. No “Fitting” required to achieve some of the easiest “break in” process most of us dreadful of. 

All is required is your foot tracing and a few photos of your feet. We will send you detailed instructions regarding how to measure your feet, we’ve been working with G.H Skates for a long time and know how to help you getting the numbers right!

Available in Ivory, black, pink and ocean blue.

Choose a G.H boot that’s suitable for your level and build. Once we receive your order, our sizing specialist will be in touch to work out your correct size.


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