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Komplex Angel 63mm (Set of 4)

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Komplex Angel Wheels 63mm Brand:


Introducing the Komplex Angel Figure/Dance Wheels – the pinnacle of performance and versatility.

These wheels feature a double injection thermoplastic elastomer construction, utilizing the advanced Komplex formula. Engineered for durability and precision, these wheels are built to withstand the demands of figure and dance skating. The hard thermoplastic shockproof hub provides added stability, ensuring a smooth and controlled skating experience.

The thermoplastic elastomer treads are crafted with high-quality polymers, offering a perfect balance of grip and maneuverability. With a medium profile, these wheels excel in a variety of skating styles and surfaces.

Choose from a selection of hardness options tailored to your specific needs:

– 48D: Designed expressly for medium to slippery surfaces, these wheels provide an incredible grip that guarantees confidence in your movements. The white/green color combination adds a touch of elegance to your skates. Perfect for parquet floors, very slippery wood, and slippery plastic rinks.

– 51D: Specifically engineered for medium surfaces, these wheels deliver an excellent grip that ensures stability and control. The white/salmon color scheme adds a visually striking element to your skates. Ideal for parquet floors, very slippery wood, and concrete surfaces.

– 52D: Expressly designed for slippery surfaces, these wheels offer a very good grip, providing the necessary traction for your routines. The white/grey color scheme exudes sophistication and style. Suitable for parquet floors and slippery wood surfaces.

– 56D: Tailored for tight surfaces, these wheels provide excellent grip on medium surfaces. The white/yellow color combination adds a vibrant and energetic touch to your skates. Perfect for wood and cement floors.

Elevate your figure and dance skating with the Komplex Angel Figure/Dance Wheels. With their superior construction and carefully selected hardness options, these wheels are the ultimate choice for skaters who demand exceptional performance and reliability.

3 reviews for Komplex Angel 63mm (Set of 4)

  1. Michael Heagren (verified owner)

  2. Prue (verified owner)

    So helpful for a non-skater Mum with a skating kid. Lots of great, helpful advice.

  3. Jessica P. (verified owner)

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