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Arch Pain, do I need new skates? 

“I took them for a skate today and they feel great!! Thank you so much for your help. I had almost given up on them thinking they had been stretched multiple times by our technician here and there was no hope they would ever be comfortable. I now wish I had been in touch sooner. I really appreciate your thoroughness in working out the issue and sorting it for me.”

Do you know that changing skates is not the only option if you suffer from severe arch pain? Here at SkatersEdge, we can resolve 90% of arch pain with a solution that costs less than NZ$60.

For Figure and Artistic skaters, arch pain is somewhat normal after skating for around 10 minutes. It naturally goes away if you continue the session. Sometimes after taking a long break from skating and return, arch pain often worsens initially but eventually goes away or reduces to just a few minutes.

If the pain goes away, there’s no need for concern. However, if it persists, it could be caused by one of the following factors:
  • – Incorrect boot size: Wearing boots that are too large can cause arch pain and various discomforts. Don’t assume that wearing larger boots will be more comfortable. Skates are anatomically designed, and if your foot isn’t in the correct position, you may experience random and unexplained foot issues.
  • – Insufficient foot warm-up.
  • – Incorrect boot shape that restricts blood flow.
  • – Excessive or inadequate arch support.

The main methods for addressing arch pain, depending on the cause, are outlined below:
– Fix boot size if it’s incorrect.
– Adjust boot shape with the assistance of a technician: If the boot shape is indeed the cause of arch pain, – – adjusting it properly through appropriate procedures will resolve the issue.
– Use thermal boot covers to aid in foot warm-up. This can reduce the duration of arch pain, and in some cases, eliminate it completely.

Utilize skating insoles to provide more or less arch support. Never underestimate the impact that insoles can have on your overall comfort and skating performance. In many cases, they can completely transform your skating experience by ensuring proper foot and blade/plate alignment. Various insoles designed by skate companies, such as Edea e-soles, Jackson Supreme insoles, and Riedell R-fit, are available to address arch discomfort and enhance skating performance. The choice of insoles depends on the type of support you require.

The most important thing is not to rely solely on others’ opinions and experiences when deciding on a course of action. Moreover, never opt for larger skates! Resolving arch pain differs for each individual based on their foot condition, and engaging in trial and error is simply a waste of money that often fails to provide a valid solution. If you are experiencing arch pain, make sure to contact us and arrange a boot troubleshooting session, this can be done both in shop and virtually. Remember, boot adjustments are free for all skates purchased via SkatersEdge, and we have all equipment and correct proceedures to make things work.

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