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Today, we want to dive into a topic that has piqued the interest of many skaters – the debate between the traditional Bolt through method and the innovative “Quick Mounting System” for skates. This discussion has once again arisen in the Artistic community recently.

Why was the bolt-through method used historically?
For years, ice skates and roller skates have been mounted using the Bolt through method, which involves drilling screws from the inside and tightening bolts on the outside of the frame. While this approach served its purpose in the past, this method is known to be less accurate and allows no room for alignment adjustment and error prevention. To understand why the “quick mounting system” has been adopted in the last 10 years, we must recognize that the historical adoption of the Bolt through method was due to the technological limitations and restrictions on the strength of skate soles. Even nowadays, cheaper recreational skates priced under NZ$600 often use softer plastic or leather soles are still mounted with the bolt through method, as the weak soles make them unsuitable for the “quick mounting” method.

Why is the “Quick Mounting System” adopted by top brands?
The “Quick Mounting System” adopted by all major brands (Edea, Risport, Jackson, etc.) has gained popularity among elite skaters for professional artistic and ice skating over the past 10 or so years. This modern method involves elite boot brands employing stronger and denser materials for the soles, providing a robust foundation for the “quick mounting system”. The specially designed screws supplied by the boot companies ensure a secure hold while allowing for easy position adjustments of the plates and blades when required.

Why are some skeptical about the “Quick Mounting System”?
We understand that some skaters may have concerns about transitioning to the “Quick Mounting System,” particularly those who have been away from the sport for a while and are returning as athletes. We want to assure you that there’s nothing to worry about for this method as it’s recommended by all mainstream brands. Especially with the 2023 Edea boot revamp, the soles are now even more robust, significantly reducing the likelihood of screws coming loose.

Performing routine checks for safe skating!
As responsible skaters, it’s essential to conduct regular checks on the tightness of your screws, regardless of the mounting method used. This practice ensures not only your safety but also the optimal performance of your skates. Screws do not come loose overnight; it happens over a period of time if no routine checking is done. We must emphasize that both the Bolt through method and the “Quick Mounting System” boast incredibly low possibilities of screws coming loose, and there’s no statistical evidence regarding which method is superior in terms of security or safety as long as they are done properly with the correct torque setting. Always refer to official information regarding recommended mounting practice, what’s recommended, and what’s not.

If it keeps coming loose, what should I do?
That being said, if you find that your screws/bolts keep coming loose, it’s likely caused by threads getting weaker or there’s a weak point on the sole of the boots. In such a case, please get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly work out the cause and provide a solution to fix the issue. Get in touch: cs@skatersedge.co.nz

Stay safe and Happy skating!
Your team @ SkatersEdgeNZ

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